Our Instructors

When choosing a Pilates instructor, it’s often difficult to know just how thorough that teacher’s Pilates background and certification process was. When you chose an instructor at A-Lyne, you can be guaranteed that your teacher has had the highest quality training — a training that includes all of the classical Pilates work while incorporating all of the recent advances in kinesiology and physical therapy. As a result, our instructors are able to address injuries and special considerations that you might have — while still giving you a great workout.

At A-Lyne, we always match our clients with the teacher that is most appropriate for them — not just with the teacher has the most availability. So whether you want to get in shape, stay in shape, or rehabilitate an injury we have the teacher for you, In addition, most of our teachers are multi-lingual, so if you would like instruction in English, Portuquese, Spanish, Japanese, or, even French, we can accommodate you.

Call us and together we can assess what your needs and goals are and then start you on a program that is just right for you.